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User service agreement for use of the website

This User Agreement regulates the relations arising in connection with the use of the website

  1. Subject of agreement 
    1. Service Provider offers to Applicant its services on terms which are the subject of this User Agreement.
    3. User Agreement may be amended by Service Provider without prior notice. The new version of the User Agreement shall enter into force on the expiry of three (3) days from the date of posting. The current version of the User Agreement is always on a special page of the website that is accessible to all users.
  2. Service description
  3.   The job site is a service that provides assistance in employment and sourcing through the publication of vacancies and CV. 
  4. Rights and Obligations of Service Provider
    1. Rights of Service Provider 
      1. Information received through the website User Agreement is considered to be the property of Service Provider. Service Provider shall have no obligation of confidentiality with regard to this information, unless there is agreement to the contrary or the corresponding requirements of the current legislation. By posting CV, Applicant confirms its consent to post his/her personal data on an open source website. 
      2. Under no circumstances Service Provider shall not be liable for damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with the use of this website or the impossibility of its use. 
    2. Obligations
      As part of this agreement Service Provider shall: 
      1. Offer an opportunity to Applicant to search jobs, create and store their CV in a database of User Agreement website database, according to the rules and regulations established by Service Provider for the present.
      2. Offer an opportunity to Applicant to control the access to his/her CV, publish or delete it. At the same Applicant agrees that his/her personal and contact information (full name, email address, phone number, mailing address, links to the social networking page, contact details through which Applicant may be contacted) will not be on an open source website and will only be available to employers.
      3. Offer an opportunity to respond to jobs published on the website.
      4. Offer an opportunity to Applicant to delete his/her CV at its own convenience at any one time.
      5. Offer an opportunity to Applicant to remove completely all of the information posted on website through a personal profile, personal account, at its own convenience at any one time.
      6. Do not provide any contact details of applicants free of charge or for a fee to persons explicitly requesting this information not for the purpose of hiring an employee.
      7. In case of violation of its obligations specified in clause 4 of the present Agreement, delete the information of Applicant without informing him/her.
  5. Applicant Obligations upon registration
    As part of this agreement Applicant shall: 
    1. Do not post on the website information that violates Russian legislation and international law.
    2. Do not post false information.
    3. Do not post and/or transmit, using website, information, for which Applicant doesn’t have the appropriate rights. This applies to information protected by copyright, trademarks, patents, as well as nondisclosure agreement and the like.
    4. Do not violate the information security of the site.
    5. Do not introduce oneself with the wrong name. Do not mislead users and the site administration regarding identification by any other means.
    6. Do not register using a foreign telephone number, e-mail address, or the address to which Applicant has no right to use.
    7. Do not give to anyone else the password to access the personal account. Applicant is fully responsible for all damage caused by third parties arising as a result of intentional or unintentional transfer of the password of the site to another person. Applicant is responsible for confidentiality preservation of the password and any use of the site by its password.
  6. Rules for posting CV on the website
    1. The responsibility for the adequacy of information contained in CV rests with Applicants who posted a request.
    2. The site administration reserves the right to delete CV submitted through the site without prior notice or explanation.
    3. The site administration has the right to change the requirements for the content and the terms of CV publications. 
    4. The site administration reserves the right to the editorial processing of CV in order to give it the qualities that are convenient for the reader's perception, to remove information contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation and contact details from Sections of CV of Applicant, that are in the public domain as well as publish a CV in the category other than indicated Applicant while the publication of the CV.
    5. Such shall not be allowed for publication on the website:
      1. CV with offensive language
      2. CV offering criminal, sexual and other illegal services
      3. CV containing links to other sites
      4. Ads by a group of persons or companies offering any services
  7. Access to personal information of Applicants
    1. By posting CV Applicant acknowledges and agrees to the publication of personal information on an open source website.
    2. All information in the CV, submitted to the site, is public, except for the login and password to access the personal account of Applicant, contact details and personal information of Applicant (which include: name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, social networking page and other information by which Applicant can be contacted). Only employers have access to the contact details of Applicant.
    3. Applicant has the access to change the information contained in the CV, only using the unique login and password chosen during registration of Applicant. Responsibility for the safety of the password rests with Applicant.
    4. If Applicant loses password he/she has the opportunity to set a new password.
  8. Website services
    1. The website by no means can not be considered the company providing provision of services for recruitment for a fee or fee-free.
    2. The website assumes no responsibility for the number of responses to posted CV.
  9. Use of information from website  
    1. Each user of the website, Applicant or Employer, is responsible for the information published through its Personal Account (Profile) on website and for the consequences of the publication.
    2. The website is only the agent for the transmission of information and by no means is liable for its adequacy and relevance.
    3. Service Provider shall make all possible efforts in order to delete careless or incomplete information with knowledge from the site, but ultimately the responsibility for it lies with the people who have posted this information. 
    4. The link to the site is required when reprinting or using the information from the website that is not CV of Applicants, descriptions of companies or jobs, as well as logo design elements, the appearance and structure of the site.
    5. If the employer retains Applicant’s CV in its own database off-site, then the employer is responsible for it under the Law "On Personal Data".
    6. You may not use the software (scripts, robots) for readout information from site.
    7. The logo, name, design elements, and overall appearance of site are the property of Service Provider and its use is prohibited.
    8. Since the identification of users of the Internet sites is difficult due to technical reasons, Service Provider is not responsible for the fact that registered users are really the people they say they are, and is not responsible for any damage caused by candidates or others for this reason. 
    9. Using the information from the site, Applicant understands and accepts the risks associated with the possible unreliability of the information posted on the site. If this occurs, Applicant must immediately stop using website and inform Service Provider about the availability of such information.
    10. Service Provider shall not guarantee that the published CV of Applicant will be reviewed by a certain number of employers or at least one.
    11. This agreement can not be understood as the establishment of agency relationship, partnership relations, relations on joint activities, relations of own hire, or any other relationship between Service Provider and Applicant, not expressly regulated by this agreement.